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How Do I Build a Landing Page for Google AdWords by Zafar Ali?

A Google ad word landing page is where the users land when they click on your Google ad. The purpose of a good landing page is to grab the attention of the users and help them make successful purchases from your website. In my view, a successful and effective Google ad words campaign is not possible without an optimized landing page. You have to create an effective landing page to convert leads into sales. But unfortunately, some advertisers and marketers neglect its importance and put their energies on other components of the ad campaign.

Creating a high-quality, captivating, and impressive landing page is the requirement of a successful Google AdWords campaign. If you ignore it, you will lose your potential customers. Also, Google analyzes the landing pages to maintain the standards. If the page has content that matches the heading of your ad, Google gives it a high score, and your ad position gets better. But if visitors do not find the relevant information on your landing page and go away immediately, Google records that too. Your ad ranking gets low, and as a result, your ad will not appear to most people. You will have to bear a high cost per click.

Components of elements of a killer Google ad words landing page

A successful Google Ads landing page requires some fragments that you should include in the page. For example

  1. A unique selling point (USP)
  2. Attractive, images, videos, and graphics
  3. Compelling offers
  4. A strong headline and sub-headline
  5. Benefits and features of the product or service
  6. A strong call to action
  7. Customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials.

How to build an optimized landing page for google ad

I am sharing some tips and steps that you can follow to build a successful landing page for Google Ads! Follow the guideline given below, and get your ad making the best results instantly!

Map out your landing page campaign

The first and most important thing you should do before start creating your landing page is planning. Have a clear direction and a plan of action for your Google AdWords landing page campaign. You cannot have a successful campaign without proper planning

It is necessary that you know your targeted audience for which you are designing the Google Ad words landing page. Understand their needs, likes, and requirements and decide what you can offer to them. If you do not know your audience, you cannot design a high-converting landing page.

If you Still Confuse, how Do I Build a Landing Page for Google AdWords.

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You should also be clear about what you want to have from your landing page campaign. Is it higher traffic on your page, or you want to generate more leads.

Lastly, study your competitors to know their strategies and how they have designed their campaigns. It will help you to stand out and get a strong position in the market.

Building the Google AdWords Landing page

The thing that comes after planning is the creation.  Use a landing page tool to build your Google Ad Word landing page.

Keep in mind that must-haves for the best Ad Words landing page are

  1. Relevancy
  2. Easy Navigation
  3. Usefulness for the audience
  4. Reliability

Some tips: Follow the tips and guidelines while creating your landing page.

Use matching keywords

Remember! The keywords on your landing page should match with the ones in your Google Ad words campaign. The more they are relevant and match with the ad, the higher will be your quality score. That is because when a user clicks on your ad and finds what he wants to see on the landing page, Google likes this and gives you a high ranking.

Make it unique and specific!

If you want your landing page to perform well, make it specific and helpful. It means that the page should only contain the information about the particular product or service you show in your ad. People will stay on the page if they find what they have clicked.

If you Still Confuse, how Do I Build a Landing Page for Google AdWords.

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Invite visitors to take action

A clear call to action is a fundamental element of a Google Ad word landing page. If you want your visitors to know how they can get your product or service, a strong CTA is essential. If they get confused about what to do next, there are chances that they will leave the page. So, be sure that you make a clear and compelling call to action on your landing page. For example, if the customers like your product and want to buy it, the “CLICK HERE TO BUY” or “ORDER NOW” button should be prominent enough to be visible.

Keep your page simple.

Your Google Ad word landing page should be plain and uncomplicated. It means that no unnecessary external or internal links and navigation tabs should be there. Your only purpose should be getting lead conversions. So any irrelevant link or detail can distract the visitor, and you may fail to get the desired action from them.

Make high speed and mobile-friendly landing page.

Another issue that can affect the performance of your landing page is its slow speed. Your Google Ads rankings improve with a high-speed landing page. When users experience a slow loading speed of the landing page, they lose interest in what they are looking. It ultimately affects your sales.

It is the reason that Google considers speed as an essential part of their overall Quality Score criteria. In addition to speed, easy access to the Google Ad Word landing page is also critical to run a successful campaign.

If you Still Confuse, how Do I Build a Landing Page for Google AdWords.

Simply click the link below and learn how to do that with Zafar Ali.

While all of the above tips play a significant role in building a high converting landing page on Google Ad Word, you can contact my team at Bundle Leads for further help and guidance!

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