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How to Use Music in Marketing Paid Campaigns

People go after the things that attract them, and music is one of those things. Music and marketing are closely related to each other. When you incorporate it in your paid marketing campaigns, it attracts people and makes them remember your business. Music has become an integral part of paid marketing campaigns. If you want t to design an incredible campaign that leaves the targeted audience in wonder, you should use the strength of melody in your campaign. Many successful companies like Apple, Coke, KIA, and others used different tones to create brand memory with people.

Why music is so vital in marketing campaigns?

Everyone likes music as it puts us in a happy mood. Today, digital marketers admit that instrumental sound in advertising is essential. It is the way of keeping the customers watching the whole advertisement

Following grounds provides the reasons that music work well with paid marketing campaigns

  1. Influences emotions 
  2. Increases effectiveness
  3. Brand recognition
  4. Provides entertainment
1. Influences emotions 

Music has the strength to evoke the most powerful and pleasurable emotions like passion, excitement, happiness, and thrill. Researchers say that listening to good tunes results in the release of dopamine in the brain that reduces anxiety and makes mood happy. So you can trigger the emotions of viewers or your potential customers by adding the right and relevant melodies in your ads.

2. Increases effectiveness

Advertisement with the right chords is more effective and influential as compared to the one without it. Your advertised product/service becomes popular that results in higher sales. 

3. Brand recognition

When you add a tune or a well-known song of an artist to your campaign, the chances that the audience will remember your brand become higher. It results in brand awareness and brand recognition.

4. Provides entertainment

Music in the ad makes it entertaining and amusing. An amusing ad captures the attention of the audience and creates a strong bond between you with them.  

An interesting ad also gets shared on social media plat forms by the audience where more people see it.

Ways to use music in marketing paid ads

Choosing the right melody for your marketing paid campaign can be a difficult task. However, there are no set rules of tunes or song selection that guarantee success. Happy and exciting tones are used in ads that display social visuals. On the other hand, cultivated music is added in the ads related to health and finance.

 Here, we are giving you some tips that can help you to select and add the right music to your marketing paid campaign.

Still, Confuse how to Use Music in Marketing Paid Campaigns.

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1. Keep in mind your target audience!

Identify your target audience while selecting the genre of music for your campaign. If you are designing a campaign for a narrow audience, choose the genre that applies to that specific audience. Keep in mind various factors like age, gender, culture, religion, and region of the targeted customers while selecting the tunes. Avoid adding the melody of your taste assuming, that viewers will like it too. Add the musical genre like classical, jazz, hip hop, or folk that your potential customers get attracted.

2. Identify the pace of the video.

Define the speed of your video before finalizing the music. If your video runs at a steady pace with no fast changes, choose the tone that best compliments the speed.

3. Define the role of music in your campaign

The tone you choose should go with the script or message of the advertisement. Define what kind of video you are making. Is it informative or entertaining? The strains you add should help you deliver your story effectively. If you present some technical information in the ad, use a soft background tone that allows the audience to enjoy while carefully listening to the message. Choose the tune that is steady and does not repel the attention of viewers from the video.

However, if you target a broad audience, you can add foreground music that attracts the customers and excites them while keeping them engaged. Even if there are no dialogues in your advert, the sound with the visuals should be strong enough to tell the whole story. For example, Nike used a combination of instrumental sounds and visuals, so well in one of its ads, it delivered the story nicely and became memorable.

4. Determine the mood

As discussed above, music sets the mood of the audience. So while adding it to your campaign, define what you want the ad to be? What emotion of the targeted customers do you want to evoke? You want them to perceive your advertisement as aggressive, energetic, relaxing, dramatic, gloomy, sad, happy, or exciting? Choose the right sound that successfully triggers a particular emotion or mood of the target customers.

5. Avoid Stealing

It is clear that you have to obtain permission from the provider before using the music in your campaign. Get it licensed from an authentic source. The provider should be specialized in giving sound, particularly for marketing videos. Stealing notes without getting permission is an unethical action that can badly affect your brand reputation.

6. Decide the length

Another factor that you should consider is the length of your commercial. The audience has short time, and after watching the advert for few moments, they lose interest. Hence a long advertisement mostly fails to grab their attention. We suggest you keep your musical ad short and relevant to gain the attention of more people. 


Adding music to paid campaigns is a tool for successful marketing. It increases the chances that the ad will be memorable and entertaining. Musical advertisement grabs people’s attentiveness more than a silent one. It also establishes a dynamic relationship between the brand and the customers.

Remember! Music makes advertising influential and effective, but only the right music! Yes! The right one! The message and the melody of the ad should synchronize with each other to influence the audience.

Still, Confuse how to Use Music in Marketing Paid Campaigns.

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