How to get your Google Ad words ads approved

Online advertising is an essential tool of digital marketing. Google Ad Words is the online advertising platform that makes you show your business ads on Google search. To advertise on this platform, you have to go through a detailed process. Google has set extensive rules for you to follow if you want to market your products/ services online. The purpose of the rules and principles is to provide the best services to the users and advertisers. However, it happens sometimes that despite following all the rules, Google disapproves of your ads, and you fail to understand the reason! This piece of writing will give you details of the steps and some tips and tricks on how to get your Google Ad words ads approved. We will also teach you how you can check the status of your ads. So, let’s begin!

The Google ads approval process

To get your Google Ad words ads approved fast is difficult sometimes. It is not as easy as to get sign up, and your ad will be displayed. Also, the process becomes even more confusing if your ad gets disapproval from Google. 

However, if there is any problem with the ad, Google will notify you about that through an email. 

The process starts with the Ad creation on Google Ad words. After that, you submit the ad for approval, and the process initiates. Google analyzes ad content that typically includes checking keywords, looking into the message you are conveying in the ad, and heading to ensure that it is appropriate

These steps are performed to ensure that the ad is created by keeping in view all the rules given by Google Ad words.

How long does it take to approve Google Ads?

It will take one to two business days to get your Google Ad words ads approved by Google. However, the process can take more days, depending on the complexity and the content. Google team will review the ad thoroughly to make sure that it meets the set criteria. Mostly, the first stage of this process is to check if the ad is eligible. Your ad will mark as “Eligible” after successfully passing through this stage.

It is also worth mentioning here that being “Eligible” does not mean that the ad has got the approval. But it only allows you to run it on some pages while it is still under the review procedure. Also, Google can disapprove of the ad during this period. 

Tips to get your Google Ad words ad approved fast!

If you want to get your Google ad to approve fast, you need to follow the terms and conditions while creating the ads. The only cause for your ad getting rejected or disapproved is that it violates the rules given by Google for approval.

We are providing you some Google Ads techniques and tips to get your Google Ad words ad approved. Follow them to get approval1..

1. Create high-quality ad content

While writing the ad, keep the following editorial guidelines in mind

ü If you are writing an ad about some counterfeit good or any dangerous product like explosives, abusive drugs, etc., your ad will not get approval. That is because Google prohibits selling and advertising such products using its platform.

ü The ad should not contain hateful, violating, threatening, or inappropriate text or images.

ü Google does not allow you to advertise restricted content like gambling, adult content, political and financial content. Therefore, any ad containing an advertisement of such things will not get approval.

2. Edit to remove mistakes before submitting.

If you want to get a fast ad approval, read your ad carefully before you submit it. Use editing tools to remove the errors as Google rejects the ad that has editing mistakes like double spacing, improper formatting, punctuation mistakes, etc.

So once you have written the ad, don’t submit it without checking it for possible errors.

3. Match your ad with the landing page.

To get your Google Ad words ad approved, it is necessary that your ad corresponds to your landing page. It means that the message you are giving by your ad should match the landing page of your website. Therefore, if you are writing anything in the ad that is not present on the landing page, Google will not approve your Ad.

How to check the status of Your Google Ad?

After submitting your ad, Google will display two kinds of status on your ad.

They include

  1. Before Review status
  2. After review status
1. Before Review status

The status appears on your ad before the review can be

1.1 Under review:

This status means that your ad is under review process, and Google does not allow you to show it on any page.

1.2 Eligible

This status also means that your ad is under review, but Google allows you to show it on some pages during the review process.

2. After review status

The after review statues can appear to be:

2.1 Disapproved

This status shows that Google has not approved your ad for some specific reason. You will get a message explaining the reason.

2.2 Approved

This status means that you can run or post to the audience.

2.3 Approved (limited)

You can run the ad but with some restrictions.

To get your Google Ad words ad approved fast, use the tips mentioned above, or contact us today to get professional assistance.

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