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How to Use Instagram Story Highlights on a Brand Account 2021

Instagram is a popular social networking service app that connects people by sharing their photos, videos, and stories. It is one of the most trending ways that connect and engage people, organizations, and businesses. Instagram provides outstanding features like live videos, IGTV, photo sharing, and shop-able tags or posts to allow people to interact with each other on social media. It also provides an improved customer service experience for businesses.

For the past few years, Instagram has become a popular platform for the success of businesses by engaging them with their audience. So if you have an account on Instagram, you can have numerous opportunities to grow your business. One of the popular features Instagram offers for businesses is Instagram story highlights. This great feature has captured the attention of people worldwide. More than 500 million accounts use Instagram story highlight in one day.

In this post, you will learn how to use Instagram Stories Highlights on a brand account in 2021 and how you can use them to grow your business.

Instagram story highlights 

They are collections of posts, pictures, and videos that you posted as a story on Instagram.

Unlike the Instagram stories that disappear from your account after 24 hours, the highlights remain on your profile permanently. You have the option to add or delete content from the highlights anytime. They appear above your regular Instagram profile, under the bio section and are directly visible to the visitors or followers.

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Why Instagram story highlights are valuable for businesses?

Instagram Stories Highlights are immensely important for the growth of your business as an indicator of its nature. Businesses that use the story highlights on their Instagram account get the opportunity of showcasing what they want their customers to see first when they visit their page. Brands can advertise their business and capture the attention of the potential audience by displaying the best products in the highlights.

The content of the highlights can be taken as an introduction or information about the business. It can also include the promotions, new launches, or discounts offered by a brand to gain an immediate response or action from its customers

The reasons why Instagram Highlights hold value for the businesses are the following

  1. The reasons why Instagram Highlights hold value for the businesses are the following
  2. They tell an ongoing story
  3. The content of the highlights can bring new followers
  4. A business can give the details regarding its past activities in highlights

Ways to use Instagram story highlights on a brand account?

We are giving you the steps you should follow before sharing story highlights on your Instagram account

Activate the Auto-Archiving feature 

First, turn on the auto-archiving feature that saves your stories automatically. The stories will not vanish after 24 hours. Keeping this feature activated, you have the option to retain and re-share your best stories.

To turn on this feature, open the setting and click on privacy and security. Then open the story and choose the save to archive option< ON>.

Create story highlights

After turning the auto-archiving feature on, the next step is to create the story highlight.

 There are two options you can choose 

In the first option, create an Instagram Story. Then add the story to an existing Highlight or a new highlight (Press Next or + to make a highlight). Now you can see your highlight on your profile.

In the second option, you can add your archived stories to highlight. For this, click ➕ that says <New>. Now select the story from the archive, and click next. Name the highlight and click Edit Cover. Choose a cover image. You can leave this step for later too.

Click <Add>, and your highlight story will appear on the profile.

Pick icon and cover photo for your Instagram story highlights

After creating the story highlights, choose an attractive title and cover photo. If you create branded highlights icons or covers, you will have a consistent look on your Instagram profile page.

How to create attractive Instagram story highlights on your brand account?

We are giving you the guidelines about how you can categorize your Instagram highlights in various subjects and events, to make them super attractive for audiences.

  1. Highlight Tutorials 
  2. Highlight events and updates 
  3. Showcase your best products 
  4. Highlight your customers’ opinions.
  5. Highlight your influencers.
  6. Use attractive images and icons.


So, the Instagram story highlights provide a unique and clean look to your brand account. They can help you attract more people and get more attention of followers through a better profile. You can see the influence of the highlights by checking the clicks, impressions, and visits to your profile.

To influence the audience through your Instagram story highlights, it is necessary that you design them according to the nature of your brand. If you want to know more, our team of experts can help you with this! Contact us today to get free assistance!

If you still confuse that how to Use Instagram Story Highlights on a Brand Account 2021.

Simply click the link below and now how it work with Zafar Ali.

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