How to Build High-Quality Backlinks by Zafar Ali

Building high-quality backlinks bring traffic to your business website and improve your search engine rankings. A higher search engine ranking ensures business growth and high credibility. So you can take backlinking as a valuable SEO strategy for e-commerce websites to drive more traffic and to earn revenues by more leads.

Some marketers suggest that the quality of backlinks is not significant to drive higher traffic. You have to build more and more backlinks to increase the traffic to your website. But in my view, quality matters, not quantity. Want to know why? Read on!

What exactly are backlinks?

Backlinks are the incoming links to a page on your website. In simple words, links on a website within your industry or niche connecting to a page on your website are called backlinks. The quality of your backlink is an important factor that improves your ranking on 

Google search by indicating that your web site is authentic and popular among the users. 

Building backlinks is not that difficult. There are many ways of building high-quality backlinks. We are describing those that do not require you to be a high SEO expert or a professional. Let’s get started!

  1. Create unique content
  2. Write guest posts on other websites
  3. Find the relevant broken links.
1. Create unique content

Publish great content that produces backlinks and keeps the readers engaged. It should be better and unique as compared to the content of other websites in the same industry. 

Great content has the following features

  1. The title is attractive and captivating
  2. It contains more images 
  3. The word count is higher
  4. It has a relevant Meta description
2. Write guest posts on other websites.

Creating a guest post on other websites is also an effective method of getting high-quality backlinks to your website

It will develop your authenticity to the search engines and will improve your rankings.

So, write for different websites and create as many quality backlinks in the body of the article that will take the user to a relevant page on your website. Remember that the information you give should be authentic and informative that the readers develop interest and willingly click on the link you have created. Also, choose the right platform where you can reach your target audience.

3. Find the relevant broken links.

A broken link is also known as the dead lead users 404 pages, showing that information or content they are looking for does not exist anymore. Broken link building refers to replacing links to error pages with working links to your website. It is good to build high-quality backlinks

Back ling the dead links require following steps First, find the websites in your niche that have plenty of broken links. You can also search the expired domains with broken backlinks in your industry. After that, reach the website through an email and suggest them replacing the links. The website will approve your suggestion if your replacing link provides relevant and engaging information.

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