How to Create a Profitable Google Ad Words campaign by Zafar Ali

No doubt Google Ads is an effective and budget-friendly advertisement platform for businesses of all sizes. You can reach your target audience and grow your business by using this platform. But Google Ad words can be a profitable investment for your business only if you do it in the right way with proper planning and strategy.

So if you are interested to know how to create a profitable Google Ad Words Campaign, follow the simple steps given in this article

  1. Research and understand your potential customer’s demands.
  2. Create a list of keywords
  3. Create a powerful selling proposition
  4. Establish a compatible landing page
  5. Set up your Google ad campaign
  6. Optimize your campaign
Profitable Google Ad Words campaign by Zafar Ali

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Step # 1: Research and understand your potential customer’s demands.

The first step in creating a successful Google ad campaign is to know what are your customers need regarding the product or service you are offering. Spend some time browsing the websites related to your products to see how your competitors are running successful campaigns.

By knowing the preferences and demands of your target the audience, you can design a successful campaign that will motivate them to buy your product/service.

Step # 2: Create a list of keywords

Use a keyword tool to find keywords and the key phrases the target audience uses most to find a product/service related to the one you are selling. It will provide you with the profitable keywords and phrases that your competitors use.

Step # 3: Create a powerful selling proposition

A powerful, unique selling proposition (USP) provides your customers the reason for buying your product. USP makes you prominent and generates quality leads to your website.

To create a powerful USP, understand your customer’s shopping patterns and buying behaviors to convince them to choose you other than your competitor.

Step # 4: Establish a compatible landing page

You need to make a compelling and compatible landing page that contains all the information relevant to the ad. Because when customers click your ad, they will land on the page with the details, matching what they see in the ad.

Step # 5: Set up your Google ad campaign

After following all the steps mentioned above, set up your Google ad campaign, Log in to Google Ad words, and start creating the campaign. Name your campaign and choose the countries. Now write a clear and influencing advertisement and then add the list of keywords you created.

Lastly, specify your cost per click, and you are almost done with the campaign setup.

Step # 6: Optimize your campaign

You will not get perfect results in the beginning; you will need to optimize your ad campaign regularly to get the desired results.

Optimization mostly requires

  1. Pausing keywords that are not improving the sales 
  2. Testing different landing pages to know the best version that has the higher conversion rate
  3. Finding a version of the ad that gets more clicks.

Optimizing your campaign will bring good results, and you will earn higher profits

Summing up

A successful Google Ad words campaign increases the profitability and credibility of a business. If you plan and execute the campaign right, it will make your business get ahead.

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