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Want to get recognized by Google as a specialist in online advertisement? Google ad certification is the key to showcase your expertise in managing the ads online to meet your specific marketing goals.

This article is your complete guide to the Google ad certification, its importance, and how you can become a Google ad certified. So let’s start by explaining the purpose of this certification.

What is Google Ads Certification?

It is an evaluation process that Google carries out to test your skill of  supervising online advertisements or Google Adwords.

Google Says”

A Google Ads certification allows individuals to demonstrate that Google recognizes them as an expert in online advertising.

Google ad Words partner or certification plays a significant role in managing the ad Words account of client. Most companies prefer to hire a team of digital marketing experts to design and manage their campaigns. On the other hand, some companies hire a Google Ad Word certified agency to manage their Ad Word account. In both cases, the Google Ad word certified person or agency gets preference.

The certification requires you to pass two levels of examination. One is the Google AdWords Fundamental exam that has multiple-choice questions and is mandatory. The second exam is of your choice depending on your ease and knowledge. You have to choose anyone from the following.

  1. Search Advertising
  2. Display Advertising
  3. Video Advertising
  4. Shopping Advertising
  5. Mobile Advertising
  6. Digital sales

Interestingly, you can also choose as many as you want from the above list in your second test. The test is free of cost. You get 120 minutes to do the fundamentals and 90 minutes for doing the second exam. One has to score 80% in each exam to win the certification.

Reasons why you should get Ad words Certified

You have been wondering if you should get Ad Words Certified. We are giving you four reasonable justifications for considering the certification.

  1. You get noticed
  2. You learn new things.
  3. It is quick, easy, and free!
  4. Your brand improves
1. You get noticed

Getting Google Ad Words Certification makes you excel in your field. It adds value to your resume and increases your credibility. Your chances of being hired as a digital marketer also increase as many digital marketing companies prefer to hire an Ad Word certified person.

2. You learn new things.

The online Google Ad Words certification is backed by the training modules that provide you information about many new features you may have never used before. You will know the marketing operations comprehensively and can apply your knowledge in your niche. The certification also enhances your ad Word knowledge and teaches how you can use its tools.

3. It is quick, easy, and free!

Another reason you should get Google Ad Word certified is that it is free of cost. You have to get only four weeks of training. After training, you can take the exam within few days. Moreover, there is no age limit or education restriction to enroll you for the certification.

4. Your brand improves

By applying the learned skills and knowledge, you can improve the performance of your brand or company. You will make and implement better advertising and marketing decisions by conducting successful campaigns. This certification adds your business to the list of Google verified partners that increase your brand’s credibility and loyalty. It ultimately leads to an increased client base.

Do not skip the training module as you can learn a lot from it, and the content will help you pass the test easily.

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Some Other Reasons:

  • If you don’t have a marketing background or new to the field, the certification will provide you ample knowledge of online advertisement and Google Adword. It will help you to find a relevant job.
  • The certification keeps your PPC knowledge up to date by giving you access to industry trends, research, events, and updates.
  • After getting certified, you can show a badge on your website as a mark that Google endorses your skills in PPC advertising and approves you as an Ad Word expert.
How to get the certification?

Now when you know enough about the Google Ad Word Certification and convinced why it matters, let’s talk about how you can get certified.

Where can you take the exam?

The Google Ad Word certification is accessible through the online training and certification program of Google, There is no offline assessment available.

First, sign up to Google skill shop dot com. Select your preferred language and the time zone and click Save.

After getting your account authenticated, you will be able to access all the training content of each type of certification. For example, if you want to have the Google Ad Search Certification, click on it, and you will find the relevant content. Go through the training modules to get yourself prepared for the assessment. However, you can also search the internet or read books to study the relevant material.

Do not skip the training module as you can learn a lot from it, and the content will help you pass the test easily.

Now you will be required to take the assessment and pass it to get the certification. The fundamental test is compulsory, and then you have to take one more test of your choice. The fundamental assessment includes basic concepts of Ad Words like defining online advertising, its importance, and explaining the optimized practices for Ad Words. After passing, you will get the certification.

Final Words

A certified Google ad Word expert or agency proves beneficial in this era of digital search marketing. So, if you want to excel, get services from Link Builders ( A Google Certified Company) to manage your Google Ad Words campaign.

Do not skip the training module as you can learn a lot from it, and the content will help you pass the test easily.

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