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What Are Ad Choices and How Do They Affect Your PPC learn with Zafar Ali

You must have noticed a small turquoise triangle icon that often displays on the right corner of many online ads, and you think it is a virus or malware. But actually, it is not. It is a legitimate online service that allows users to see the personalized ads only. Clicking on the icon makes them know why they see the ad and how they can stop seeing the online advertisements. 

This article will describe all about Ad choices, its importance, benefits, and some disadvantages.

What are Ad Choices?

It is a self-regulatory program that protects the privacy of users by allowing them to determine and control their online data used by the companies for advertisements. Users can click on the triangle icon to find why the ad shows and learn how to turn off interest-based advertising.

You may know that many advertising companies and social media platforms gather consumer data online to use it for advertisement purposes. This data also provides them information regarding the online interests, behaviors of the customers. Marketers record the responses of the users to their marketing campaigns through data they get online. Ad Choices enable the online advertising companies to insert the icon on ads or web pages where they collect data and use it for behavioral targeting. Ad Choices icon is tiny, and most customers do not get it noticed which gives a little favor to the advertisers.

History of Ad Choices

Ad choices are not a new thing. Its history goes back to the year 2009 when the U.S Federal Trade Commission investigated the companies that gather online data of users for behavioral advertisement. The commission suggested that there should be some regulations for data collection to protect the privacy of consumers.

Some industry leaders were asked to design a regulatory program based on their terms and conditions. Hence, some great industry leaders formed the Digital Advertising association and joined their forces that launched Ad Choices in 2010. 

The purpose behind establishing the self-regulatory program was to let the users know when and how the companies use their online data and how they can control the advertisements they see. The official icon Of Ad Choices unrolled in 2011, and Google implemented it first.

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Importance of Ad Choices for Advertisers

Showing consumers how a company gathers its data for behavioral advertisements increases the credibility and transparency of a company. Ad Choices assists digital Marketers to run more successful Campaigns. Because when they are open about the method and purpose of gathering data, users do not get annoyed or feel bad about it. They trust you, and your ad efficiency increases.

By pairing Ad choices with in-ad surveys, marketers get information from the audience about what kind of ad they prefer to see.

Importance of Ad Choices for Consumers

Most Consumers do not feel happy seeing online ads. The concept behind the Ad Choices is to give the option to block the ad they do not want to see.

This regulatory program provides data protection to the people who consider data gathering a privacy violation.

Why you should use Ad Choices

Reasons that you should use Ad Choice are several. The two most important of them are:

  1. Ad Choices ensures user- personalization
  2. Ad Choices helps in building effective campaigns.

Ad Choices ensures user- personalization

Consumers like to have relevant offers. Using Ad Choices with the combination of on Ad Surveys, you can get the information regarding customers buying behaviors, choices, and interests regarding the ads. It increases the chances that you can provide them something personalized and relevant.

If you use PPC, there is a chance that you may get clicks from the people who are not interested in buying your product or services, and your cost will increase. By giving consumers the option to block the ad they do not like, you get the opportunity that only the right audience sees your advert. It makes your campaign successful.

Ad Choices helps in building effective campaigns.

By explaining to the users why you gather online data for behavioral targeting and empowering them to block the ad, you appear reliable and honest. The effectiveness of your campaign increases and Users trust your website and do purchase the relevant products.

Disadvantages of ad choices:

No doubt, ad Choices enhances the ad functioning and improve your credibility. Unfortunately, It has some flaws too.

  1. Most of the consumers are unaware of the Ad Choices. Also, those who know a bit about this self-regulatory program misunderstand it. They consider it only an ad-blocking program without understanding that this program is also about seeing personalized ads
  2. There are vendors who help marketers and companies to display the ad choices icon on their adverts. Some of them implement the icon incorrectly to serve the interests of marketers more than the consumers.

The major drawback of this program is the irregularity. One of the reasons that users do not understand ad choices is their inconsistency. There is no fixed position of the icon that confuses people a lot. For example, in one ad, it appears on the top right corner, while in some other advert, it changes its position and appears on the top left corner. Moreover, the icon fails to display in many ads. These inconsistencies make people confused, and most of them perceive it as a virus. 


Ad Choices is a self-activating program that is beneficial for consumers as well as marketers. It protects the data of the consumers and establishes the credibility of advertisers. But there are certain loopholes in the program that decrease its viability.

The program is effective only when more and more people understand it and adapt it to boost online privacy. Therefore, the implementation of the icon should be accurate to enable the program to the best of the consumer and the marketer’s interest.

If you still confuse, what Ad Choices are best for you.

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