How to get Adwords Certified by Zafar Ali

How to get AdWords Certified by Zafar Ali

Getting Google Adword certification is probably a great idea to increase your credibility and expertise as a digital marketing professional. This certification is proof given by the Google itself that you are an online advertising expert. You can use the certificate as an additional skill in your portfolio. Also, after getting it, you’ll be able to display a logo on your website indicating that Google considers you an advanced AdWords user and a PPC advertising specialist. 

So in this article, I will describe to you what the certification is and how to get Adwords Certified easily. There are several paid online Google AdWords classes that you can take to pass the test. However, if you follow my instructions, you will be Google ad certified fast and for free.

First, let me tell you the reasons that you should consider getting Google Ads certified 

One of the best things about the Google AdWords certification, currently referred to as the Google Ads certification, is that it is available for free. So you can take the exam now to get certified without paying any charges.

Moreover, the Individuals who get a Google Ads certification can show that Google considers them an expert in online advertising. Experience of working with industry leaders has taught me that when it comes to User Acquisition services, certified specialists are a huge advantage.

How to be a Google Certified?

I would like to provide some advice and resources to assist you along the path.Let us have a brief overview of the test first!

There are three fundamental processes to being certified:

Create a Google Partners account if you don’t already have one.

Becoming a certified Google Ads professional (previously known as google AdWords) requires you to take two online exams Google conducts. One is the Fundamental exam. You have to obtain an 80 percent or better in the test (100 questions and the time limit is 120 minutes)

How to get AdWords Certified.

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 The other the exam of the certification can be one of the six subcategories that Google provides.  You can choose one or all of them.

They include:

  • Google Ads Search Certification– solve 100 questions in 120 minutes 

It includes questions about basic to intermediate concepts like CPC, ad rank, broad matches, extensions, etc.

  • Google Ads Video Certification-solve 74 questions in 90 minutes

It includes questions regarding video ad campaigns and formats)

  • Google Ads Display Certification– solve100 questions in 120minutes

This exam contains questions regarding display ads, GDN campaign, youtube.

  • Shopping Ads Certification-solve 60 questions in 90 minutes

It includes questions about shopping ads campaign, bidding, and optimization)

·        Mobile Advertising –solve 70 questions, 90-minute time limit

 It comes with the questions regarding mobile ad formats and mobile-specific bidding

·        Google Ads Measurement certification– solve 50 questions in 75 minutes

Google provides you the certification if you pass one, two, or all of the tests (depends on your choice) along with the fundamental exam that is compulsory for each candidate.

The fundamental exam covers the primary concepts of Ad Words, such as the advantages of advertising on Google Ads and best practices for campaign optimization. This Google Ads basics examination is mandatory for certification, and you must pass it.

In 2021, the Google Ads certification tests will mainly focus on the automated bidding techniques, Display ads, video ads, types of audiences, and the performance planner tool.

How to get AdWords Certified.

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If you have less knowledge about the Google advertisement and still want to get the certification, you can prepare for the exam through Skill shop. It is a one-stop online training center by Google that provides learning opportunities about search certification exams in the form of questions and assessments. 

It is the only platform where you can get the certification preparation material, learn about all of Google’s products (including Google ads), improve your abilities, and become certified.

You can log in to the skill shop by using your existing Google account. If you do not have it, you can create a new one to sign in. After logging in, click on Google Ads, you will see a number of alternatives for getting started, including a fast knowledge test and additional resources.

It is entirely up to you since you are free to finish each course at your own pace. Experts can go through all courses in one day, while others may need weeks for that. There are no time constraints. 

Do not skip the training materials unless you have already been certified or have a moderate level of ad experience. Also, I advise new people that you start with the Google Ads Search Certification first.

However, the Google Ads users who utilize the platform on a regular basis need to check their knowledge by reading through the courses thoroughly. They have to ensure that they are up to date on ad types and all the latest features that they do not use frequently. Even if they move through the modules faster, it’s still a good idea to study the sample questions. 

Several multiple-choice questions on the Google Ads certification examinations will have technically accurate responses in many circumstances. Choose the correct option in these situations.

There is a lot of study material available on the internet which can help you pass the certification easily. Google ad certification exam is available in 19 languages and is valid for one year. After this time, you have to re-take the test to get certified.


Working hard to pass the Google Ads tests is worth the effort, even if it appears to be a lot of labor. The certification makes you learn how to create more successful ads and use Google Analytics to track their progress. The Google ad certification authorizes you as an expert in your profession.

That’s all I’ve got for now! Best of luck to everyone taking the test!

How to get AdWords Certified.

simply know by contacting us, by using the link below.

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