Google ad suspension appeal in Lahore Pakistan

Google ad suspension appeal by Zafar Ali

Being the world’s largest search engine Google ad is the most used digital advertising platform today. Businesses prefer to advertise their products or services on this channel to be ahead of the competition. They use digital marketing platforms to reach the targeted customers at the right time and with an appropriate message.

Google ads do this job by showing your products/ services to the people who search for related items by using this search engine. But sometimes advertising through this platform can bring some difficulties with it. Suspension of Google Ads account is one of those difficulties that businesses often face. Once you have successfully created a Google ads account, and you are running an advertising campaign too, the suspension of account for some reason can cause frustration.

People often ask me about the reasons for their Google ad account suspension and the ways to restore it. Well! My experience says that the main reason for an account getting suspended is that the account holders violate the terms and conditions. And the genuine way to get your account reactivated is making a Google Ad suspension appeal!

In this article, I will address this topic in detail. So read on to know what to do if your Google Ad account gets suspended.

First, let me share some reasons or causes of Google ad account suspension.

Why Google suspends your Google Ad account

Sometimes it is difficult for a Google Ad account holder to understand and follow the policies devised by Google. But the good news is, Google gives you a message if you violate any of their rules for the first time. It also provides you complete guidance and assistance regarding its terms and conditions. But if still, your account gets suspended, it may happen due to one or a few of the following reasons!

It is hard to know and comprehend all of Google’s policies, but they’re good at letting you know if you break one and will typically let you correct it if it’s your first infraction. According to Google, the following are the most common grounds for account suspension:

  1. You have not logged into your account for more than 30 days
  2. Any unauthorized person tries to access your account
  3. You perform a suspicious payment activity
  4. You violate the age requirements
  5. You do not maintain a 5% CTR for two months
  6. You do not pay the expense of advertising
  7. Keep track of your finances
  8. The information that you include in your ad is misleading or does not match with the content of your website
  9. The active keywords of your ad have a low-quality score.
Google ad suspension appeal by Zafar Ali

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How to know if Google Deactivates your Google Ad Account

  1. Google suspends your business account 
  2. All the associated accounts including, your email get suspended
  3. Your ad stops appearing on Google search, and you cannot run the ad or create a new one.

Google Ad Account suspension Appeal

If Google suspends your account, the immediate thing that you need to do is to find the exact reason behind the suspension. If you do not know why the account deactivated, you cannot get it reactivated successfully. And the only way you have to reinstate your Google Ad account is to file an appeal. For this, get an appeal form by visiting Follow the given instructions and submit the appeal form. Google will respond to you within seven days, but depending on the situation, it may take longer.

The information you provide in the appeal form must be correct. If you give any incorrect details, the re-activation process can delay.

The information you need to mention in the appeal form include:

  1. Your contact name and email address
  2. Your phone number if the company wants to contact you on call. 
  3. Your Google Ads customer ID
  4. The Google ads account and a sample keyword from your campaign
  5. Your complete address, along with the zip code 
  6. The billing details, including the billing country
  7. Details, if you manage your account yourself or you are an agency, managing the client’s account
  8. Information regarding the payment methods and the date of your last payment
  9. Description about your business, including its nature
  10. A summary of the issue you are facing. A clarification for any violation you made causing the account suspension should also be mentioned in the summary
  11. Supporting documents to attach with the form
  12. In the end, check if there is any mistake in the information and press the SUBMIT button 

Be patient and wait for the response from Google. I suggest you not create a new account before you get the reply. Google will not approve a new account with your details.

Preventing your Google ad account from suspension

By following the given practices, you can save the deactivation or suspension of  your Google Ad account

  • Whatever your purpose, a well-maintained website has a better chance of producing excellent outcomes. Maintain your website and make sure that it is safe enough from getting hacked by hackers.
  • To run successful ad campaigns on Goole Adwords, it is necessary that you are familiar with Google’s ad policies. It will not only prevent your account from suspension but also help you use the advertisement platform to earn maximum revenue.

Wrapping up

Even if you understand Google Ads regulations, your account may get suspended, and you will strive to resolve the problem.

Check to see if you’ve broken any business policies or if you’re having trouble paying your bills. However, in the awful situation of your account suspension, you can file an appeal to get it back. 

If you need further assistance, CONTACT US today, and our professionals will help you get your account reactivated!

Google ad suspension appeal by Zafar Ali

if you still have any confusion contact us now. By simply click the link below.

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