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How to generate inbound calls for spectrum DTV and energy by Zafar Ali

The idea of buying non-branded inbound calls can cost you high. A lot of people these days are offering them in dollars. I am writing this article to guide you to generate inbound calls for spectrum DTV and energy at a relatively lesser cost.

When we look at the compliance policies of different carriers, we find that there is no bidding on branded terms, no branded URL, and a social media policy that must be authorized.

For the sake of this article, I will exclusively discuss paid search traffic and organic search traffic only.

Difference between non branded and branded keywords

Before we start, let us have a glimpse at the difference between branded and non branded search terms

Non branded keywords

Non-branded keywords are those that relate to your products or services but do not refer to your company or brand name. 


  1. Search engine
  2. Smartphone 
  3. Smartwatch
How to generate inbound calls for spectrum DTV and energy by Zafar Ali

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Branded keywords

The keyword that includes the name of your company or brand is called a branded keyword. A branded key phrase also has the variation of a brand name or the name of a specific product. Users who search for your branded keywords show a strong interest in your business and, in most cases, are already familiar with your products or services.


  1. Google
  2. iPhone
  3. Apple watch 
Carrier policy and Google ad policy

Google permits you to Bid against a competitor’s brand as long as you don’t use their trademark name in your ad content. It’s a bit of a murky area, but Google thinks it’s entirely fair. So, if you are an authorized reseller of the spectrum and run a campaign using branded keywords, you will not be accountable to T-mobile or Comcast.

Steps to produce calls that are both carrier and Google compliant

You have to create your Google account first. However, you can also use your existing Gmail account for this purpose. The campaign you will create is a search type campaign and call the only ad will be subcategory or type.

Call ads push the customers to call your business. These ads appear on those devices only that can make a call. So whenever a person clicks on the ad, the device will make the call to you automatically.

Creating the landing page

Keep in mind that you are dealing with two things, one is Google, and the other is a carrier. As far as the carrier is concerned, they will provide you with a specific logo, a spelling check, and a few disclaimers.

If you have a new account and do not follow the policies, it may be suspended for violating the rules. To avoid this, you need to take some steps done on the landing page. Put the specifics of all the packages you’re selling, whether you’re a reseller or not. Alternatively, use a negative term for that carrier since we would be running a broad match campaign at a cheaper cost. Add an explicit notice about the promotional pricing and provide an approved reseller logo.

Some of the software that you can use to do the analysis of your competitors are

  1. SEMrushGrowth bar
  2. Serpstat
  3. Similar web

Make a long list of negative keywords using bulk actions and a common library to stay organized.

The crucial aspect of cost management

In the hands of a professional, an AdWords account is a valuable asset. I mean that even if two accounts have the same quality score and click through rate, their average cost per click will differ.

What is the reason behind this? Because there’s account history, campaign history, ad group history, and keyword history, to name a few.


Make sure your page loading speed is higher than the industry average. To test the speed of your website, use the Google tool. Compare the speed of your mobile site against Google’s. Slowly build your account, concentrating on account history. Create a strategy, and the more time you devote to the campaign, the better. Also, be assured that you’re compliant from both a Google and a carrier standpoint. Get the fundamentals correct, such as structure.

How to generate inbound calls for spectrum DTV and energy by Zafar Ali

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